Top 10 Wedding Entertainment Ideas
by on December 12, 2015 in Music and Entertainment

Wedding Entertainment Ideas PartyWith ten years experience playing at weddings, birthday parties, bah mitzvahs and corporate events; Hula Groove share their ‘Top Ten Wedding Entertainment Ideas’ for the best wedding party atmosphere.

1) Think about having prepared drinks and enough bar staff. Have a small production line of certain popular drinks such as cocktails, wine or beer. Let your wedding guests grab and go! If party guests have to pay at the bar then make sure there is enough bar staff available to serve drinks quickly.

2) Have your bar as close as possible to the dance floor. It will keep everyone in the same room and on the same party vibe.

3) Have some comfy seating in the same room as the dance floor. Keeping wedding guests in the same room seems to be the trick.

4) Make dancing the focus of entertainment. Don’t divide the attention of your guests with other activities. If you want another form of entertainment, then time it to the breaks of the function band or DJ.

5) Keep your speeches short. Avoid it feeling like a corporate event! Wedding bands in London and the UK will normally have a music curfew to abide to. Long speeches can hold up timings and push the band playing time back. Take advantage of the music you have paid for*

6) Leave the song choices to the wedding band and DJ. Ask the band or DJ to include a handful of your favourite songs from their set list instead. Hula Groove has had ten years event experience, with a soul, disco, funk and pop repertoire that they can adjust to the taste of your party guests.

7) Supply wigs, masks, boas…. the sillier the better!

8) Play party music during breaks and after the live band finishes. Hula Groove as a wedding band will always have recorded music and will send their set list to the DJ to avoid overlaps.

9) Time the serving of party food to the wedding band breaks. Alternatively, have food served on the dance floor by staff. If possible have the buffet served in the same room as the dance floor.

10) Most importantly make sure you’re always on the dance floor! Simply, the more you dance the more your guests dance. Where you will be is where the wedding guests will be. Tweet

11) And one extra tip as we reeally love you! Pick a really good band or DJ. Need we say more! Hire wedding bands for that wow factor – I know we’re biased!


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